Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Identifying mutex holder

In my previous post on flushing a cursor we see that a process is waiting on a mutex. In this post we will try to identify the holder from a systemstate dump

• Find the process executing the purge API. In this case it was process 22
• Open the systemstate dump and go to PROCESS 22
• Under this (if the systemstate is at level 266) you will see the short stack of the process


As can be seen from the above stack it includes the function kxsPurgeCursor() which contains this piece of functionality (to flush the cursor)

• Under the session state object of this process you will see that the session is waiting on

waiting for 'cursor: pin X' blocking sess=0x0 seq=9208 wait_time=0 seconds since wait started=0 idn=dbabc3c, value=1, where|sleeps=e00000629

wait_time=0 indicates the session is waiting at the time this process was dumped.

• If you scroll down further in the same process state object and search for idn=dbabc3c

KGX Atomic Operation Log 3d6e12a08
Mutex 3da75c7d0(0, 1) idn dbabc3c oper GET_EXCL

Hence this process is waiting to acquire the mutex in exclusive mode.

• To find the process holding the mutex search on the string "dbabc3c oper"

You will find something like the below

KGX Atomic Operation Log 3d6e671e0
Mutex 3da75c7d0(0, 1) idn dbabc3c oper SHRD

Search the process holding this.
In vi editor you can use ?PROCESS which will lead you to


Hence Process 15 is holding the mutex and this is the process doing the merge join Cartesian in Session 1.

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