Monday, September 17, 2007

Redwood Shores

I was in Redwood last week and got a chance to meet some of the best minds in Server Technologies including a few ex-colleagues and a couple of guys on the revered
Oak Table

And although a significant part of the week was spent in the wine and lounge bars of San Francisco it was quite an enriching experience..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Disabling cursor trace

Sometime last year I had blogged about unshared cursors and an event to trace the same here

Well after you set the trace on and have got the required information you would obviously want to turn it off.

The command to do the same is

alter system set events 'immediate trace name cursortrace level 2147483648, addr 1';

However this does not work as I realized today when I was diagnosing multiple versions created for pl/sql procedure calls with ref cursors as arguments and the trace almost filled up my udump. New sessions spawned have entries such as the below
for any cursor executed.

CUR#2 XSC 0xxxxxxxx CHILD#0 CI 0xxxxxxx CTX (nil)

To fix this issue you need to apply the fix for unpublished bug


on top of 10.2.0.x

Another way to disable the trace would be to restart the instance.