Sunday, May 06, 2012

Scheduler jobs and Active Standby

One of the kewl enhancements in 11g is fact that you can now have a standby database in read only active mode applying changes from the primary. You need to be licensed for the Active Dataguard feature but this entry is not about that..

I have been using Active Dataguard for more than 2 years where we have a application service which runs solely on the standby and is used by an adhoc query tool.Other than the odd bug it has proved to be quite useful

Now you would assume that everything in the dictionary on the primary (and not memory based views) would be visible on the standby.
So I was quite bemused when a simple query on dba_scheduler_jobs was not showing any information on the standby.
It turns out that the view definition as shown below

AND j.class_oid = co.obj#(+)
AND ( j.database_role = v.database_role
OR (j.database_role IS NULL AND v.database_role = 'PRIMARY')


Hence when you query this view on the standby you do not see any jobs