Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Recovery using compressed archivelogs

A couple of days ago I mentioned about an undocumented feature where by it is
possible to generate compressed archivelogs

I did manage to test a couple of scenarios where I did manage to recover my database
with a mixture of compressed and non compressed archivelogs.

I guess this begs the question as to why this feature is not documented.


The Human Fly said...

Just a quick question. When compressed archivedlogs were applied, was it take too long while recovery? or was very quick comparetively noncompressed archivelogs?
Is it not that oracle first uncompresses the compressed archivelogs and then applies in the recovery? Is so, what is the benefit? rather we loose much to uncompress those archivelogs.
No matter, they might save the space, but, recovery timing is very important the space wastage.


Fairlie Rego said...

Generation of a compressed archivelog takes more time than a non compressed archivelog.
Hence I would not use this. The purpose of this entry was more to question why this feature is not documented. From what I know this is not documented in 11g either.